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ACA Instructor Scholarship Program

The ACA Instructor Scholarship Program was founded as an opportunity to “pay it forward” and support an instructor candidate by paying their ACA Membership and SEIC Dues.

If you are interested in supporting an instructor candidate by paying either/both their membership dues and SEIC dues, please visit the ACA eStore. Within the “Instructor Items” category, you will find the option to purchase one year of annual membership dues and a separate option to purchase one year of SEIC dues. You may purchase either or both.

You will be given the opportunity to type the name of a particular candidate if you wish to sponsor someone specifically, or you may leave that text box blank.

When your membership and/or SEIC dues payment is credited to a scholarship applicant, you will be given the first name and a brief bio of the instructor candidate, so that you can see the impact of your contribution.

Click here to visit the eStore and contribute to the future generation of paddling instructors through the ACA Instructor Scholarship Program. Thank you so much for your generosity!

To apply for an ACA Instructor Scholarship, please send an email to the ACA Safety, Education, and Instruction Department at

Within your email, please outline the following:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your current city and state of residence
  3. Your occupation
  4. The type/discipline of instructor certification you are seeking
  5. The course date/type that you are planning to attend, as well as the name of the Instructor Trainer or course organizer
  6. Any additional details you’d like to share about your request for a scholarship


Please note: the ACA Instructor Scholarship is currently only available for ACA Membership and SEIC Dues, not course fees nor travel reimbursement. Scholarships will be given to instructor candidates who have already committed to full attendance and participation in an ACA Instructor Certification Workshop (IDW/ICE).