2022 Recreational Paddlers Instructor Contest - August Leaderboard - ACA

Sep 5, 2022

2022 Recreational Paddlers Instructor Contest – August Leaderboard

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The ACA Board of Directors, Safety Education & Instruction Department, and the ACA State Directors are proud to announce the current leaders of the 2022 Instructor Contest (as of August 31, 2022). The contest was initiated to inspire and encourage ACA instructors to conduct courses and introduce more new paddlers to safe and enjoyable paddling! This is a chance for instructors to engage with their local paddling community, find or create a source of new course students, and earn some prizes along the way!

Contest Categories:


  1. Cathy Webster (VT)
  2. Louise Young (DE)
  3. Summer Ellis (OH)
  4. Frank Brown (FL)
  5. Daren Barrett (WI)
  6. Jeff Menaker (PA)
  7. Allison Cone (OH)
  8. Alicia Glines (CO)
  9. Robert McCormack (AK)
  10. Mary McCann-Baker (ME)

Instructor Trainers / Educators:

  1. Elizabeth Wiegandt (VA)
  2. Ge Wu (China)
  3. Nancy Uschold (MI)
  4. Ben Morton (VT)
  5. Tommy Gram (CO)
  6. Josh Hall (SC)
  7. Nate Ostis (ID)
  8. Todd Johnstone-Wright (VT)
  9. Sam Crowley (IL)
  10. Mike Aronoff (VA)

Paddle America Clubs (PACs):

  1. Philadelphia Canoe Club
  2. Georgia River Network
  3. Missouri Whitewater Association
  4. Wilmington Trail Club
  5. Georgia Canoeing Association

To learn more about the contest rules, prizes, and how to enter – please click here.