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For Instructors

Insurance for Instructors via CMS

If you are an instructor and are interested in ACA’s insurance program, please be aware of these requirements:

  • You may only teach the official course content contained within the published course outlines and within the venue you are certified to teach.
  • To be covered by the ACA’s insurance program, every course participant, including lead and assisting instructors and trainers, must sign the ACA Waiver and Release of Liability prior to participation in the course.
  • Every participant in an ACA insured course must be an ACA member in one of the following categories:
    • A current, valid ACA annual Individual Membership.
    • An Event Membership which costs $10 per person.

Please note: Instructor certification candidates or assessment course candidates must be annual individual members and may not be event members.

  • Before Your Course Begins
  • After Your Course Has Concluded
  • Additional Resources
    • Register your course via the Course Management System (CMS).
    • Request insurance via the CMS at least 10 business days before your course begins. If you are submitting your request fewer than 10 business days prior to the start of the course, please purchase a Rush Fee ($25) via the ACA eStore.
    • Pay the course sanctioning fee ($20) for the course via the ACA eStore.
    • If you need assistance, please contact the ACA’s Insurance Coordinator at

    If you need to name a third party such as a landowner, course sponsor, or government agency as an “additional insured” under the course insurance coverage, please purchase an “additional insured” via the ACA eStore and complete the “additional insured” section of the course registration form.

    • Ensure that all course participants are current annual ACA members and have signed an ACA Waiver & Release of Liability. If course participants are not current annual ACA members, the $10 event membership fee applies per non-member.
    • Printable, Hard Copy Waivers
    • SmartWaiver Online Waiver System

    Note: Liability waivers signed online using the SmartWaiver system do NOT automatically transfer into the CMS course roster. If you choose to use the online SmartWaiver system, you MUST collect an electronic copy of the signed waiver from each student to upload with your CMS course roster and report. Upon signing, each student will be sent an email with a link to download a copy of their waiver. This link expires 3 days after the time of signing; insist that your students download and forward you a copy immediately after signing to avoid signature confirmation issues.

    Submit the course report within the Course Management System (CMS).

    • If your course students signed paper liability waivers or download signed copies from the SmartWaiver system, please submit copies within the CMS course report roster.
    • Note: Liability waivers signed online using the SmartWaiver system do NOT automatically transfer into the CMS course roster. Students who signed within SmartWaiver are emailed copies of their signed waiver, which they may email/print and provide to you for upload within the CMS.

    Reports submitted more than 30 days after the completion of the course are subject to a $25 late reporting fee. Reports received after 90 days are subject to a $75 late reporting fee.

    All fees are non-refundable but can be applied to a future course if you need to reschedule.

CMS Insurance Request Process for ACA Instructors