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WW Open Canoe Downriver Racing

Whitewater open canoes used for downriver racing are derived from traditional open Canadian or Native American canoe designs, which feature bow and stern ends which are particularly pointed and sit higher than the middle of the hull. Whitewater open canoes (WWOC) are also categorized by their symmetrical side-to-side profile, and they are propelled with single bladed paddles.

There are two categories of canoes used in WWOCD competitions: stock and unlimited. The stock classes are intended to include canoes sold for general recreational use. In general, ABS, polyethylene, aluminum, and wood/canvas canoes will qualify for inclusion in this category (assuming they meet the dimension requirements). An accepted canoe must be or have been a commercially available, general production model to qualify for the stock classes. Fiberglass/Kevlar/composite and wood-strip canoes will generally be included in the Unlimited classes. Both sprint and downriver competitions are contested on class II through IV whitewater for these two canoe categories. See the WWOCD competition rules for complete details and boat specifications.

Whitewater Open Canoe Downriver Committee

The purpose of the Whitewater Open Canoe Downriver Committee is to encourage, sanction, and sponsor amateur competition in whitewater open canoe at local, regional, national, and international levels. The WWOCD Committee is governed by the Operating Procedures set forth by the National Competition Council of the ACA.

The WWOCD Committee promotes and regulates Whitewater Open Canoe Downriver Racing by producing quality competitions to increase skills and awareness of both paddlers and spectators, encourages new competitors and new canoeists in general, and provides safe and fair racing conditions and quality recreational experiences for all involved.

The annual ACA National Whitewater Open Canoe Downriver Championships are sanctioned by the WWOC Downriver Committee of the American Canoe Association.

Visit the WWOCD website for details of the WWOCD rules for competition, age classes for solo and tandem competitors, results of past competitions, and announcements of upcoming events.