For ACA Instructors


SEIC Mission Statement

The Safety Education and Instruction Council’s (SEIC) mission is to develop and implement effective paddlesports safety, education, and instructional programs and materials that inform, train, and serve the public at all skill levels and in all aspects of paddlesports. The SEIC shall represent the interests of member ACA National Discipline Committees to the ACA National Board of Directors.

The Council is coordinated by an Executive Committee:

  • Chair: Anna Levesque (North Carolina)
  • Vice Chair: Trey Rouss (Michigan)
  • Secretary: Vacant
  • Past Chair: Ben Morton (Vermont)

The Executive committee also serves as the SEIC Standards Committee. The Standards Committee hears requests for exceptions to policy, approves appointment of Instructor Trainers, and hears challenges and grievances. The Council and its discipline committees are responsible for curriculum development and implementation of ACA programs. The SEIC is an advisory group to the Board of Directors of the ACA and meets several times per calendar year. This council is made up of volunteers who possess broad experience in the various disciplines of paddling and who are passionate about the sport. All current ACA instructors are defacto members of the council.

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