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2021-2022 Bylaws Revision

This Fall, ACA members will have the opportunity to vote on proposed changes to the ACA’s Bylaws.

This page contains information to help members learn about the process, the proposed changes and the rationale for the changes.

  • Information from 2021
  • 2022 Updates
  • ACA Board Chair, Robin Pope, and Executive Director, Beth Spilman, held Member Information Sessions on Friday, October 1, and Tuesday, October 5.  This is the power point presentation used for these sessions.

    An audio recording of the session will be available soon.  Please note two clarifications to information provided by Beth and Robin:

    • At minute 7:56 in the recording, Beth meant to say that all competition members may not vote for the Board seats designated for athletes.  Competition members may vote for Board seats other than the Athlete seats and the SEIC Chair seat (selected by SEIC).
    • At minute 26:00 in the recording, Robin meant to say that in 2022, we can invest an incremental (i.e., to 2021 spending levels) $150,000 in staffing and member support.
    • We apologize if there are any other statements that unintentionally lack clarity.



    Final Bylaws

    Summary of Bylaws Changes

    “Redlined” comparison of current bylaws and proposed bylaws is available by emailing:  feedback@americancanoe.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a date for the Annual Membership Meeting?

The 2022 Annual Membership Meeting will be held on Sunday, October 30.  The meeting time will be announced shortly.

When will electronic voting commence and how long will that window be open?

The voting commencement date is October 30 and the voting window will be open for a minimum of 20 days.

Who can qualify and vote for Athlete seats on the Board of Directors?

Please refer to this power point presentation that was shared during the October 5, 2021 Member Information session.


Who is eligible to vote on the Bylaws changes?

According to ACA’s current Bylaws (Article V, Section 4): “All members, other than those individuals who have not attained the age of eighteen or older as 12:01 am Eastern Standard Time on January 1st of such year, shall hold full voting rights during their period of membership.  Organizational members shall designate from time to time an individual who will be noted in the records of the Association as having the authority to cast the vote of such organizational member.”