Insurance - ACA


The ACA offers an insurance program to individual members, instructors, Paddle America Clubs, and Event Organizers/Affiliate Organizations.

Participation in this program allows our members to obtain general liability coverage at an affordable price. For competition individual members who purchase a competition license, ACA’s competition insurance program also includes Participant Accident coverage and Sexual Abuse and Molestation coverage.

For Outfitter and Guide businesses, we partner with Buddy Insurance to offer an affordable, comprehensive insurance program to ACA member organizations.

For Paddling Clubs

Paddling clubs who have a current ACA Paddle America Club membership and adhere to ACA’s risk management requirements are eligible to participate in ACA’s insurance program. This program provides year-round general liability coverage to club members (who are also ACA members), event members, coaches, event organizers and administrators arising from club-sponsored and adult-supervised on-water workshops, practices, training, instruction and ACA sanctioned events as well as non-water activities such as approved fundraisers, banquets and meetings.

For Clubs

For Event Organizers

Event organizers who have a current ACA Affiliate Organization membership are eligible to participate in ACA’s insurance program. This program provides general liability coverage which protects event organizers and event participants from liability claims for bodily injury and property damage for properly registered on-water activities.

For Event Organizers

For Instructors

ACA Instructors, Instructor Trainers, and Instructor Trainer Educators may request insurance to teach courses at or below their current certification levels. An instructor must be in good standing to request insurance which means he or she is current on their ACA and SEIC dues and required first aid and CPR certifications.

For Instructors

For Outfitters and Guides

As one of numerous member benefits, the ACA is offering partial or comprehensive insurance for paddlesport-focused Outfitters and Guides. By meeting certain criteria, you will be eligible for discounted pricing on a variety of insurance policies and related products. In addition, utilizing this insurance program will further benefit paddlers as a portion of the proceeds will be used to support the ACA’s mission of improving education, stewardship, recreation, and competition for all. 

For Outfitters & Guides