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Summer Solstice Celebration

June 20-23, 2024

We are already looking ahead to the 2024 Summer Solstice Celebration!  To celebrate all that is paddling we are providing opportunities to connect with your community and reflect on what draws us to the water. If you are interested in supporting this years event as a sponsor or partner, please reach out!

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2024 Summer Solstice Celebration Sticker Design Contest

  • About the Contest
  • Selection
  • Submission Requirements
  • The ACA Summer Solstice Celebration Sticker Design Contest is an opportunity for paddlers to show off their creative side and design the logo for the 2024 Summer Solstice Celebration. This logo will be displayed on the ACA website, be used in marketing materials to promote the event, and be printed onto die-cut stickers to be handed out during the in-person paddling events hosted as part of the 2024 Summer Solstice Celebration! 

    Prize: A $150 gift card to NRS will go to the artist who creates the winning design!

    Thank you to every one who submitted a design! Voting is now live! Please review the submissions below and vote for your favorite!

    The winning design will be chosen from eligible designs by popular vote. Designs will be collected for one month from 1/22/2024 – 2/22/2024. The submitted designs will then be viewed and voted upon by the public on the ACA website. The voting window will be open for one month from 2/26/2024 – 3/26/2024. On 3/27/2024 the ACA will announce the winner! 

    Format: The submitted artwork must be a digital image in .PNG file type, at least 1000px wide and no larger than 10 MB.

    Content Rights: The participant certifies that they are the sole creator and copyright owner of the submitted design. Each designer owns the copyright to their design until they are declared a contest winner by the American Canoe Association. The rights to the winning design are transferred over to the American Canoe Association for the purposes of promoting the 2024 Summer Solstice Celebration and printing stickers to hand out at in person events.


    1. Designs must include the ACA logo or components of the ACA logo in the design. You can download a PNG of the ACA logo here. You can download a PNG of the all white ACA logo here.
    2. Somewhere on the design should include the text “2024 Summer Solstice Celebration”.
    3. There should be no inclusion of any explicit content including alcohol or drug consumption.

Vote for your favorite 2024 ACA Summer Solstice Celebration Sticker Design!

Design #1 by artist Austin Addis


Design #2 by artist Mistie Blevins


Design #3 by artist Jacob Burke


Design #4 by artist Ross Damon


Design #5 by artist Tara Fairty


Design #6 by artist Tara Fairty


Design #7 by artist Josh Gundlach


Design #8 by artist Marsha Henson


Design #9 by artist Kiara Kwan


Design #10 by artist Linda Maas


Design #11 by artist Rafael Mesquita


Design #12 by artist Scott Winkleman


Design #13 by artist Jason Wolbert


2024 Events

Find a paddling event near you or invite your community to join you on the water by submitting your paddling event to the ACA Summer Solstice Celebration Calendar! We will send limited-edition stickers to the paddling events organized during the ACA Summer Solstice Celebration (June 20-23) and submitted to the Summer Solstice Celebration Calendar.

To add your event to the calendar, please fill out this Calendar Submission Form.

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