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Sport Development


Parents play an essential role in children’s athletic development. They introduce children to paddlesports and provide support and guidance for their benefit. Parents help children develop a lifelong love of paddlesports. 

Consider the following recommendations to help ensure a child’s positive paddlesports experience:

  • Understand your child’s interests and the sports pathways, and be objective about what to expect from your child based on age and development. 
  • Encourage your child to participate in several sports until age 12+ to improve physical literacy and give a child a chance to find enjoyment in a sport(s). Let the child fall in love with the sport of his/her choosing. 
  • Promote cross-training and multi-sport participation to keep a child from burning out or developing overuse injuries. 
  • Champion child’s sports development and proficiency over performance outcomes and winning. 
  • Enroll your child in age-appropriate activities to ensure healthy progression and skill development before advancing to a heavy volume of training and competition. 
  • Monitor the intensity and duration of a child’s sport participation each week and encourage rest and recovery. 
  • Ask for feedback from coaches on your child’s development and maintain interest in your child’s experience over performance outcomes. 
  • Be prepared to invest an extraordinary amount of time and resources, and continue to provide behind-the-scenes support for your child after s/he grows in athletic ability. 
  • Sports are, first and foremost, games. Support and encourage your child to play and have fun.