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Powerful athletes race head-to-head on a beautiful 9-lane course in narrow, high-speed canoes and kayaks. Olympic Flatwater Sprint Racing combines grace, power, fitness, exact paddling mechanics, and tremendous mental strength in three distances – 200m, 500m, and 1000m. First introduced in the 1924 Paris Olympic Games, Canoe/Kayak Sprint became a full medal sport in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.  Sprint Canoe/Kayak represents one of the largest Olympic sports with 10 events.

Athletes are seated and use a paddle with a blade at each end in Kayak events while racing in one-person (K1), two-person (K2), and four-person (K4) boats. Canoe events, in single (C1) and double (C2), are characterized by a single-bladed paddle and are raced from the powerful high-knee position. C4s are also raced at the annual World Championships.

The USA has won 7 Gold, 4 Silver, and 6 Bronze Olympic Medals in Sprint. Nevin Harrison (pictured above) is the current Olympic and World Champion in C1 200, making her the World’s Fastest Women in a Canoe.  For complete Olympic Canoeing Results please see these Race Archives.


Sprint is governed by the Sprint Competition Committee (SCC).  Learn more about the SCC, see its current membership, view the sprint racing rules, and read meeting minutes.

2023 Teams Selection

Last update: August 15, 2023 – Posting of 2023 OHR Team and Nationals Results

World Cups and Senior/U23/Junior World Championships, and Pan Am Teams Announcement

Olympic Hopes Team Selection Criteria

The OHR team was selected based on the results at the ACA’s 2023 Sprint National Championships.

OHR Team

2024 Olympic Selection
The Olympic Selection Criteria is under review by our Sprint Competition Committee and will be posted here.

Learn more about the Olympic qualification system on the ICF website.

National Team Coaching Staff

  • High Performance Coach – Zsolt Szadovszki
  • Canoe Coach – Joseph Harper
  • Kayak Coach – Shelley Oates-Wilding

National Team Staff Selection

Sprint Competitions

2023 USA Sprint Canoe Senior National Team

Sprint Documents


World Championship Team Results 2023

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Date added: 09-12-2023


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2023 OHR Selection Criteria

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ACA Sprint Racing Rules (2023)

Version: ACA Sprint Racing Rules (2023)-20230622
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2023 Pan American Team

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2023 Staff Selection Process

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2023 ACA Congratulations USA Teams

Version: 2023 ACA Congratulations USA Teams-20230430
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Paris 2024 Qualification System for Canoe Sprint

Version: 1
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2023 Junior-and-U23-Selection

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2023 Senior World Championship Team Selection

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2023 World-Cup-1-2-Selection

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Selection General Info 2023

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