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Since its establishment in 1880, volunteers have been the cornerstone of the American Canoe Association. We offer volunteer roles nationwide across all 15 of our ACA Paddlesport disciplines, as well as connections to local Paddle America Clubs for volunteering opportunities in your vicinity. Whether your interests lie in policy and stewardship, education, finance, competition, or any other aspect of Paddlesports, we provide diverse volunteer prospects. For inquiries or questions regarding specific opportunities, please reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator, MacKenzie Holbrook, at mholbrook@americancanoe.org. Additionally, you can subscribe to volunteer communications via your ACA member page.

Volunteer Resources

Volunteer with the ACA

The ACA offers hundreds of volunteer opportunities each year, spanning committees, sub-committees, and event participation, aiming to engage our members extensively.

Explore the details below regarding areas to volunteer with the ACA and visit our volunteer resources page for comprehensive position descriptions. 

Regional Activity Council (RAC)

The Regional Advisory Council (RAC) consists of Regional Chairs, State Directors, State Councils, and Paddle America Club Members, all of whom serve as volunteers. As grassroots representatives, the RAC is dedicated to advancing multiple facets of the ACA’s mission, including safety, education, competition, stewardship, diversity, equity, inclusion, and recreation. ACA volunteers within the RAC play a central role in facilitating connections among paddlers, disseminating valuable resources, orchestrating events, and advocating for the interests of paddlers at various levels. With a steadfast commitment to promoting safe and enriching paddling experiences nationwide, the RAC stands as a cornerstone of community engagement and empowerment within the paddlesports realm. 

Link to RAC Position Description coming soon!

Competition Committee

The ACA Competition Committees, comprised of ACA competition member athletes and dedicated paddlers, are integral to shaping competitions not only within the USA but also on a global scale. These committees represent 15 paddling disciplines, including 3 Olympic & Paralympic disciplines. Volunteering with an ACA competition committee entails ensuring fair and transparent selection processes for the USA national team participating in prestigious events such as World Cups, World Championships, and World Games. Additionally, committee members work to align competition rules with the International Canoe Federation (ICF) standards while maintaining transparency in the national team selection process. Serving on a competition committee is a volunteer position requiring election, with terms lasting 2 years. 

Link to Competition Committee Position Description coming soon!


The Safety Education & Instruction Council (SEIC) stands as the central pillar of the ACA’s comprehensive approach to safety and education within paddlesports. It serves as the hub through which all curriculum development and updates for various disciplines are created and updated. Comprising an overarching Council and discipline-specific committees for each ACA paddlesport discipline, the SEIC ensures the highest standards of safety and educational practices are upheld across the organization. Volunteering on an SEIC committee signifies a commitment to advancing safety and education initiatives within paddlesports. Much like our other committees, positions within the SEIC council and its committees are elected, demanding a dedicated two-year tenure to effectively contribute to the council’s endeavors. 

Link to SEIC Position Description coming soon!

ACA Board Committee

Volunteering on an ACA Board Committee is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the ACA national paddling community and make a meaningful impact. Serving on a board committee such as Nominating, Grievance, Finance, or Governance not only supports the essential functions of the ACA but also provides invaluable experience and insight into our operations. It’s a perfect steppingstone for those considering future roles on our Board of Directors, offering a chance to contribute significantly while connecting with fellow paddling enthusiasts and leaders. Join us to help shape the future of the ACA and the paddling community at large.

Link to position and committee descriptions coming soon!

ACA Board of Directors

At the ACA, our aspiration is for our Board of Directors to mirror the diversity of our paddling community. Integral to the organization’s governance structure, the board assumes a multifaceted role, overseeing ACA operations. From charting the strategic trajectory to managing budgets, from ensuring fair and just grievance procedures to upholding the integrity of our bylaws, the board shoulders the responsibility of living into the ACA’s mission and values. The ACA Board of Directors stands as a cornerstone of leadership, guiding the organization towards its overarching goals and objectives. Serving on the ACA Board of Directors represents not only a prestigious opportunity but also a profound commitment, offering immense rewards for those dedicated to the advancement of paddlesports and community engagement. While board membership is a voluntary position, individuals are elected to serve on two-year terms, ensuring continuity and effective governance within the organization. 

Link to Board of Directors Position Description coming soon!


The ACA sponsors and hosts numerous events annually, encompassing Olympic sport competition events, world cup championships, and specialized programs such as our LEAD initiative. With many volunteer opportunities available, ranging from on-site assistance, boat driving, safety, and much more, volunteer sign-up varies depending on whether the event is organized by the venue or facilitated directly by the ACA. Explore our comprehensive event calendar through the provided link below. If you identify an event where you’d like to volunteer, please reach out to mholbrook@americancanoe.org, and we will connect you with the appropriate individual to facilitate your involvement. 

Competition Event Calendar

Community Event Calendar

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