Board of Directors Position Description - ACA

Board of Directors Position Description


The American Canoe Association (ACA) is governed by a member-elected Board of Directors. This board is composed of 12 directors with diverse skills and expertise, including legal, financial, environmental, and boating safety. The directors, who reside throughout the United States, serve two-year terms. Elections are held electronically and take place in early fall during the Annual Membership Meeting. 

In addition to the Board of Directors, the ACA is supported by the Safety Education & Instruction Council, the Competition Council, and various standing and ad hoc committees and working groups. These entities serve in an advisory capacity, providing policy recommendations for the Board’s consideration. 


Board of Directors Position Overview

As an integral part of the ACA, the Board of Directors, is where your leadership and strategic vision will shape the future of our organization. We are seeking a diverse group of dedicated individuals who embody our mission and values to foster a collaborative environment that drives us towards our goals. 

As a board member, you will work closely with fellow directors and the Executive Director to establish and uphold our shared mission, vision, and goals. Your role will include providing strategic direction, making critical policy decisions, and ensuring financial oversight to safeguard our assets and maintain transparency. You will play a pivotal role in approving budgets, reviewing financial statements, and guiding the implementation of our strategic plan. 

Additionally, your commitment to governance excellence will be crucial as you participate actively in board committees, contribute to policy development, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, including athlete safety guidelines mandated by USOPC and the U.S. Center for SafeSport. 

A successful board member at ACA demonstrates key characteristics such as integrity, respect, and a commitment to open dialogue and collaboration. Your ability to listen actively, engage in constructive debate, and seek outside expertise when necessary, will contribute to our board’s high-functioning dynamics. 

This position requires dedication to our mission of promoting sport and values of the ACA. Together, we will continue to uphold our organization’s integrity, accountability, and commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operations. 


Board Member Requirements/Expectations: 

  • The ACA board welcomes individuals with diverse backgrounds who can contribute new perspectives and ideas. 
  • Attendance at a monthly virtual board meeting, lasting approximately two hours, is expected. 
  • Board members are required to attend one in-person meeting annually, with travel expenses to be covered personally. 
  • Each board member is also expected to serve actively on at least one board committee. 


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