ACA Supports the Environmental Justice for All Act - ACA

Aug 2, 2020

ACA Supports the Environmental Justice for All Act

The ACA signed on to support the Environmental Justice for All Act through the Choose Clean Water Coalition, which represents more than 500 organizations across the Chesapeake Bay, Delaware River, and Great Lakes Watersheds. Everyone has a right to clean air and water, but pollution often disproportionately impacts indigenous communities, people of color, and low-income families.This bill would require federal agencies to provide early and meaningful community involvement through the National Environmental Policy Act in regards to actions proposed in communities where issues of environmental justice are prevalent.

In addition, the bill would provide funding to prioritize and expand access to outdoor resources in urban areas, and grants to support research, education, outreach, development, and implementation of projects to address environmental and public health issues in environmental justice communities.

This is one small way the ACA is furthering its diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Paddling is for everyone, and it requires access to healthy bodies of water. We must work together to undo the burdens placed on marginalized communities and the associated health impacts.

Read the full letter of support, here.

Read the bill, here.

Brett Mayer
ACA Public Policy Chief