Be part of this year's Ski to Sea with the ACA - ACA

Mar 6, 2024

Be part of this year’s Ski to Sea with the ACA

Jonas Ski to Sea

The ACA is excited to announce that we have been chosen as the 2024 community/non-profit team for the Ski to Sea Race in Bellingham, WA. Starting at Mount Baker Ski Area and ending with a paddle across Bellingham Bay, the race was first run in 1973. A team consists of three – eight racers competing in seven different sports: Cross Country Ski, Downhill Ski/Snowboard, Running, Road Bike, Canoe (2 paddlers), Cyclocross Bike, and Sea Kayak.

Upon receiving the news that we have been chosen as the non-profit team, our staff got to thinking, we have so many members that do these sports, and we would love to bring our community together for the event. What if we put together a bunch of teams made up of ACA members, instead of just one?

So, if you are interested in joining an ACA team, please send an email with the following information to

  • Name
  • Email
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race legs you would like to participate in
  • Why you would like to be part of an ACA team

Registration will be closed on March 20. We will then review entries and notify you if you have been selected for a team based on the make-up of who applies. Unfortunately, not everyone who shows interest will be assigned to a team.

The ACA will cover the cost of the entry fee, but we ask participants who are selected to a team to consider raising money to support our Sprint and Ocean Racing National Teams. You can raise the money any way you choose (local sponsor who could be added to a team shirt, donations from friends, foot the bill yourself, beg for it from relatives).

ACA Ski to Sea Team members will also receive free entry to a banquet following the event.