December Instructor of the Month - ACA

Nov 30, 2020

December Instructor of the Month


The 2020 December Instructor of the Month is Mitchell Joldersma!

Mitchell is a kayak Instructor in Sioux Falls, South Dakota! His passion for paddling led him to found the Sioux Empire Paddlers Paddle America Club in 2014. Mitchell saw a need for paddling education, conservation, and improvement of paddlesports in his community and stepped up to the plate with Sioux Empire Paddlers. Sioux Empire Paddlers now has over 250 members and has taught over 600 students spanning more than 50 events every year. Through the club’s nonprofit status, Mitchell was able to apply for and obtain grant funding to help obtain his Level 2: Essentials of River Kayaking Instructor certification, acquire additional equipment especially for children, and get families from his community on the water!

Mitchell says, “By far my most favorite thing to teach is the wet exit and t-rescues. Students are amazed on how easy it is to learn and be capable of a deep water reentry once they are taught some very vital steps. Many of them thought self rescue was near impossible.”

“Giving back to the paddling community has repaid me tenfold. I hope that my efforts, and those of the other dedicated club members, have not only helped others have a blast on the water, but also provided core safety principles and skills that have the potential to save lives.”