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05.15.23 – 11.15.23

2023 StreamSweepers Clinch River Clean-Up

Clinch River State Park, Sugar Hill Loop, St Paul, VA, USA

StreamSweepers, a program of American Climate Partners, is an award-winning, state-wide river restoration, job training, and work experience program for young adults and veterans.

The StreamSweepers Clinch River Clean-Up Project originated in 2016, when the river’s unique biodiversity and environmental challenges captured the attention of American Climate Partners. Results from initial assessments performed on the section of the Clinch in Russell County in 2017-2018 indicated there could be as many as 10,000 tires, thousands of appliances, and other small trash items in this section. 2023 will be our final year of the five-year project on the Clinch River.

The coming season’s work will include a reexamination of the sections of the river previously cleaned in Russell County. A maintenance sweep of this section will probably be required, based on the number of high-water events experienced in the winter and early spring and what we find in our spring assessment. Our goals also include an assessment of the river in Tazewell County and cleaning an additional 14 miles of river there.

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