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07.09.24 – 07.14.24

2024 Open Canoe Slalom National Championships

Errol, NH, USA

2024 Open Canoe Slalom National Championships will be held from July 9 through July 14, 2024.

Practice on the course will be held Tuesday through Thursday with the official races on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, July 12—14.  Camping will be available in the field above the race course.

The Androscoggin River is a beautiful river in Maine and northern New Hampshire.  We will be using the section below the Errol Dam in the town of Errol, NH.

The slalom course will be on a natural section of river that includes class II/III rapids with numerous pools and eddies. Between twenty and twenty-five slalom gates will be hung for the week of the race.

The course will be hung at least three days prior to the race and will be available for practice from Tuesday through Thursday prior to the race starting on Friday. The anticipated flow will be around 2000 cfs.

The downriver portion of the combined event will be on held on Sunday afternoon (last event of the day).  It will start at the public put in upriver from the slalom course, and then go through the rapids and then into a flat section around an island clockwise and back upstream to the race take out, approximately 2 miles in length.

Other nearby notable rivers worth visiting include:

The Rapid River: This river is class IV, with a length of 5.4 miles.  The gradient is 64 f/m.

The Magalloway River is a river in northwestern Maine and northern New Hampshire. It flows into the Androscoggin River.

The Dead Diamond River: The Dead Diamond River is an 18.7-mile-long river in northern New Hampshire, and joins the Magalloway, Androscoggin, and Kennebec rivers. The Swift Diamond River is a wonderful tributary which joins the Dead Diamond shortly upstream of the Magalloway.

The event site is at an outdoor adventure camp; the owner of this camp is the assistant race organizer.  There is a big field close to the adventure camp land where participants can camp. We will provide portapotties and a dumpster. The town of Errol is adjacent to the race site, just north of the White Mountains on Route 16 and contains interesting businesses, one being an extremely large outdoor supply store. There is a motel and bed and breakfasts and restaurants. The town is also very close to Umbagog Lake with many trails in the state park, and Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge. There is also Mollidgewock State Park where camping is also available for a fee. Grafton Notch State Park also has many trails and interesting water features along a stream. All of this is just south of the border with Maine.

All sites are spectator-friendly (i.e, parking and trails within 50 yards of the river)

Additional amenities are nearby (less than 10 minutes to grocery, hardware, motel, restaurants etc.)


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