Kayak Fishing Skills Course - ACA

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09.10.23 – 09.10.23

Kayak Fishing Skills Course

Sand Beach Lake, U.S. 64, Bolivar, TN, USA

Do you:

  • Want to fish on the water but don’t want to spend $20,000 for a bass boat?
  • Want solitude while finding hidden fishing spots?
  • Want to combine your love of fishing with your love of kayaking
  • Want to increase your chances of catching fish going places others can’t?

If so, this ACA certified kayak fishing class is the perfect place to start!

Blues City Kayaks will help you get off the bank and improve your chances of landing the “big one” while sitting comfortably in a kayak in a safe, fun, and productive way!

This class will teach you how to maneuver and manage a kayak safely and efficiently, as well as:

  • Choosing proper fishing gear (reels/rods, fishing line, electronics/power management, tackle, and other tools) for you and your kayak in different conditions.
  • How to balance your fishing gear in your kayak.
  • How and when to select different kinds of bait.
  • Landing a fish with a line or net and proper fish handling techniques.
  • On and off water etiquette towards other anglers, boaters, paddlers, and landowners.
  • How to be prepared to help yourself and others in the event of a capsize.

Introduction to Kayak Fishing is the first class of its kind in the Memphis area and Blues City Kayaks is the ONLY local outfitter to offer it. It’s great for beginner fishermen wanting to learn the basics and experienced anglers who want to develop better boat control. Let’s step away from the bank and go where the fish are!


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(901) 762-1133