Kayak Rolling Skills Course - ACA

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07.21.24 – 07.21.24

Kayak Rolling Skills Course

Issaquah, WA, USA

Rolling a kayak is an essential skill for kayakers. Taught by our ACA certified instructors, this course will teach you the building blocks to a reliable and repeatable kayak roll as well as skills on to feel more balanced and stable in your kayak.

Topics covered:
• Edging
• Low brace / high brace
• Boat-to-boat rescues
• Sweep roll
• C-to-C roll
• On-side vs. off-side rolls
• Injury prevention

Required Equipment: kayak, paddle, spray skirt, helmet, type III personal flotation device, closed toed shoes, and wet suit or dry suit with appropriate base layers. Bring your own kayak or let us know if you need help sourcing gear. Wet suit or dry suit are required.

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