Level 2: Essentials of Kayak Touring Skills Course - ACA

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06.16.24 – 06.16.24

Level 2: Essentials of Kayak Touring Skills Course

Stockton Lake, Manasquan, NJ, USA

This is a modified version of ACA Level 1 & 2 and will review Level 1 strokes and then focus on Level 2 “recreational” techniques. All boats are welcome as this instruction focuses on completing the Level 2 strokes and adapts to shallow, on-water rescue.

On the water you will learn:
• The paddlers box and body mechanics
• The components of catch, propulsion, and release (CPR)
• The forward stroke and sweep
• The reverse stroke and sweep
• Turning 360
• Bracing
• Edging
• The low brace turn

In addition to previously learned Level 1 paddle skills, you will learn the:
• The stern rudder maneuver
• The rescue draw
• The sculling draw
• Advanced sweeps and turns

You will also learn:
• The “T” rescue
• The scoop
• Stern entry techniques
• Single assist with and without paddle float


Contact Information Kevin Burkitt