Level 3: Coastal Kayaking Instructor Certification Workshop (IDW/ICE) - ACA

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03.24.23 – 03.26.23

Level 3: Coastal Kayaking Instructor Certification Workshop (IDW/ICE)

Naples, FL, USA

This progressive workshop is aimed at providing instruction techniques for skills at the Level 1, “Introduction to Kayak”, Level 2, “Essentials of Kayak Touring” and Level 3, “Coastal Kayaking”. We will also provide the training for you to be able to teach the curriculum with strokes, maneuvers, and rescues. In addition to the paddling skills and instruction techniques, we will also cover trip leading, basic navigation, tides, tidal currents, and other topic specific to the respective certifications in this discipline.

Although we expect to improve your skills and coach you for better performance, our primary purpose is to help you learn to teach others while having fun and being safe on the water.

Fundamentally, we expect that participants will have the paddling skills, technical knowledge, rescue ability, teaching ability, group management, and interpersonal skills commensurate with this level of certification prior to presenting themselves for evaluation as Instructor Candidates. Mike at (703)850-1257 to register or if you have any questions.

Contact Information Mike Aronoff