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11.01.21 – 11.04.21

Level 4: Open Water Coastal Kayaking Instructor Update

Tybee Island, Georgia, United States

This course can be an upgrade for current L-3 Instructors, an update for current L-4s or a useful training event for those not interested or yet eligible for certification.  First time L-4 candidates will need to have completed L-3 instructor certification and an L-4 Skills Assessment.  Interested participants not seeking certification will need to discuss their experience, goals and objectives with the IT prior to signing up.

Our focus will be on expanding and improving your coaching methods, group management/ leadership and rough water skills. We want you to have fun and learn new things that will help you become a better L-4 instructor. Participants are encouraged to share the concepts and techniques learned in their previous training or that they may have developed since their last certification. Techniques differ from region to region and from IT to IT. Many are equally effective.  As an update attendee, you will be free to try others and accept or reject new possibilities without pass/fail consequence.  We ll review the major curriculum changes that have occurred in the last four years and how those affect you as an L-4 Instructor.

We ll get a chance to practice our L-4 skills in a paddling environment well suited for the task. November was chosen as an active month for sea states on the Georgia Coast. Air temps are mild, and the water is still warm. Tybee enjoys a significant tidal influence with lots of moderately sized surfing waves. We ll take advantage of lessons offered and decision points available to us in a river-mouth tide race environment. Those with experience here will be encouraged to lead. Those without will be encouraged to learn in what we hope will be a fun, low stress environment. If you haven t played here before, you have a treat in store.

This will be a participant-taught, ITE-managed program. Expect a little homework.

We ll spend 4-6 hours on water, the rest in the class-room, for a total of 8 hours each day. Course Fee: $575 (Tuition assistance may be available for those in need). Camping is available at RiversEndcampground.com

Tybee Island has numerous hotels, Airbnb and VRBO options.  The Savannah airport is an hour away. Both Charleston and Jacksonville airports are about 3 hours away. A limited number of roto-mold NDK Sports and Sportives, as well as an assortment of skirts, paddles and PFDs are available at no additional cost. Composite sea kayaks (mostly NDK) are available at $75/day.

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