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05.11.24 – 05.12.24

Level 4: Whitewater Kayaking Skills Course

Bryson City, NC, USA

Beginner Kayak Clinic – Bryson City Area

Beginner Whitewater Kayak Clinic

Registration Fee: $110, includes ACA Event Insurance fee.

Location: Bryson City, NC area. Most likely venues – Fontana Lake and Tuckaseegee River

Beginner clinics are targeted at those who have little or no experience paddling whitewater or are starting over again with a new type of craft (i.e. switching from kayaking to canoeing). Beginner clinics cover the very basics of kayaking. The first day is generally spent covering equipment, outfitting, safety precautions, and river features on dry land, and then spending time on a lake with the instructor introducing the proper stroke techniques on flat/non-moving water. This venue allows the student to concentrate on the strokes and not the water. The second day of the beginner clinic is held on a class I-II white water river, to ease the students into moving white water and emphasis is placed on technique and becoming comfortable on the river in one’s boat. The typical beginner clinic student has no experience or is not yet comfortable on rivers like the Lower Green, Upper or Middle Haw, or Tuck Gorge.

For other clinic descriptions – https://www.carolinacanoeclub.org/content/paddling-clinics/

Membership in CCC is required. This clinic is for persons over 18 years of age, or over 15 years with a parent attending the clinic (Above 13 years may also be considered on a case-by-case basis). CCC is a Paddle America Club insured by the ACA (American Canoe Association). Registration is non-refundable.


Whitewater boat and gear (minimum boat, paddle, pfd, skirt, and helmet)
Completion of ACA & CCC waivers (follow-up by Educ. Chair after initial registration)
Completion of questionnaire (follow-up by Educ. Chair after initial registration)
Instructors: To Be Determined, Class size up to 10 with an ACA certified instructor and Qualified Assistant. Minimum registration is 3 students for the class to take place.

Contact education.chair@carolinacanoeclub.org for questions and advice.

After starting the registration process, please complete it by going to Checkout for payment.

Registration for this class closes on May 7, 2024


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