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04.15.22 – 04.17.22

River Kayak Hand-Paddling Instructor Endorsement Course

Tuckasegee River, North Carolina, USA

At the Spring 2021 ACA SEIC meeting, initial documentation was passed for a Hand-Paddling Instructor Endorsement criteria and a Sample Skills course. The ACA River Kayak Committee has been hard at work creating a roll-out plan for an initial “Endorsement by Committee” workshop to develop the first wave of hand-paddling educators.

Candidates will need to submit an application form that a panel of facilitators will use for reviewing and approving registrations for the upcoming workshop. The three-day ACA Hand Paddling Instructor Endorsement workshop will be hosted on April 15-17, 2022 (Fri-Sun) in the Greater Asheville, North Carolina area. The workshop will offer the opportunity to earn the Hand-Paddling Instructor Endorsement at the L2, L3, and L4 levels: April 15 will be hosted on a class 1 section of river (e.g., Tuckaseegee), April 16 on a class 2 section (e.g., Tuckaseegee), and April 17 on a class 3 section (e.g., French Broad Section 9). Expectation is that L4 candidates will attend the full three-day workshop.

The workshop will be focused on rolling out the new curriculum to current ACA River Kayaking Instructors or hand-paddling subject matter experts with the purpose of 1) standardizing instructional terminology and techniques, 2) clarifying specific differences between shafted paddles and hand paddles, and 3) creating agreed upon rescue techniques. We are anxious to have a group of skilled and qualified participants in attendance to help us facilitate the growth and roll-out of this program.

If you are interested in attending, contact Kyle Thomas at kyle@ballardkayak.com.

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