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06.21.23 – 06.21.23

Summer Solstice Heart of Minneapolis Kayak Tour

Boom Island Park, Sibley Street Northeast, Minneapolis, MN, USA

On this special Summer Solstice edition of Paddle Bridge’s Heart of Minneapolis kayak tour, find out what puts “Minne” in Minneapolis.

After a paddle skill introduction on Boom Island, we’ll head upriver toward the old industrial Port of Minneapolis on the Northside. On the way back down, enjoy the river’s current and a close-up skyline view. Depending on conditions, the tour will wrap up with either a visit to the Bassett Creek lagoon, or a stretch down to the spot to which Minneapolis owes its existence: above the falls of St. Anthony, or Owámniyomni in the Dakota language.

Our guides each have their own style and stories to tell, but all will share in pulling back the veil of time and pointing out various histories written, washed away, and sometimes still visible on the banks of the Mississippi.

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