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If You Wear Anything, Wear Your Life Jacket!

Life jackets save lives - and your life is worth saving!

Where cause of death was known, 81% of fatal boating accident victims drowned; 83% of those were not wearing a life jacket. Don’t be a statistic!

Don’t just carry it – wear it!

More than half of all recreational boating fatalities occur in calm water – these fatalities are close to shore, caused by drowning, and are preventable!

In most cases, these boaters had life jackets on board, but did not wear them.

The best type of life jacket is one that you’ll wear!

Life jackets are available in many shapes, sizes, styles, and colors! Made for every body type, men, women, children, and even pets!

Try It On For Size

Check the label to ensure it is the proper size for your size and weight.

Make sure it is properly fastened: buckle all buckles, zip all zippers!

Test for a safe and snug fit. The life jacket should not ride up over your chin or face.

Skydivers wear their parachutes…

Football players wear their helmets…

Drivers wear their seatbelts…

Responsible boaters wear life jackets!

Want to Learn More?

We are pleased to present a free online training program is brought to you through a partnership between the ACA and the U.S. Coast Guard – developed to meet national standards for paddlesports safety education.

Topics included:

  • Shopping for paddling equipment
  • Securing a boat to your vehicle
  • Trip Planning
  • Filing a Float Plan
  • On-water Group Management
  • Waterway Hazard Identification
  • Challenging Weather
  • Temperature Regulation & Self Care
  • Rescue Priorities & Protocol
  • And more!

Take the free course and earn a certificate of completion!

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