Merle Long - ACA



Merle Long

Hometown Horseshoe Bend, Idaho
Events Slalom , Kayak Cross
Years On Team 3 (since 2021)
Club Long Family Racing Team
Born 07/07/2006
Schools/Work Idaho Virtual Academy '23
Hobbies Whitewater kayaking and jujitsu with his father Tren

“No brain, no headache.”

4 Things You Didn't Know about Merle Long

  1. Merle is the son of Tren Long and cousin of Kyler and Isabel Long. All are members of the US Slalom/Extreme teams.
  2. He works at the Cascade Rafting Company with his family.
  1. Merle and Kyler together are known as the "Doofus Twofus" since the 15-year-old cousins train, paddle, and go to school together.
  2. He has traveled to 6 out the 7 continents and has paddled in all except Africa.