United / Delta Partnership for NGBs - ACA

Aug 2, 2020

United / Delta Partnership for NGBs

The message below comes from Katie Bynum, USOPC Chief Strategy and Growth Officer.

ACA Competition Members & Athletes,

As we shared earlier this year following postponement of the Games, we have been working with our partners to extend their rights. This meant addressing the conflict in the airline category between Delta and United.

We are pleased to share we’ve come to an agreement with Delta and United so that United can support Team USA through the Tokyo 2021 Games.  This will include extending the partnership, your remaining VIK, and existing operations through September 2021. In essence, business as usual (working with the USOPC travel office, VIK, United desk and operations) will continue through the Tokyo Games.

However, in an effort to prepare to transition to Delta following the Tokyo Games and support that partnership beginning with and before Beijing, the USOPC and NGBs will stop earning United incentive VIK after 2020. You will continue to earn it in 2020 and be able to use it through 2021. We will begin work with you and Delta soon to build out a program and opportunities for NGB consideration and expect to share that in the spring of next year in conjunction with the additional details and logistics related to working with Delta that will be available at that time.

We hope you agree this outcome is the best approach under the circumstances. Thank you for your patience and supporting both partners and this transition through these unprecedented times. If you have any questions please connect with us through your General Manager of High Performance Programs, Rok Sribar: rsribar@americancanoe.org