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Sep 17, 2021

ACA Instructor Contest 2021 – September Leaderboard


The ACA Board of Directors, Safety Education & Instruction Department, and the ACA State Directors are proud to announce the September leaderboard of their 2021 Instructor Contest. The contest was initiated to inspire and encourage ACA instructors to conduct courses and introduce more new paddlers to safe and enjoyable paddling! This is a chance for instructors to engage with their local paddling community, find or create a source of new course students, and earn some prizes along the way!

While the time period in which to conduct a course (for this contest) ended on September 6th, course reports from this time frame will be accepted until October 1st.

Contest Categories:


  1. Brigitta Atkins from Kentucky
  2. Mark Allio from Rhode Island
  3. Daren Barrett from Wisconsin
  4. Frank Brown from Florida
  5. Bev Cosslett from South Carolina
  6. Kathy Bunton from California
  7. Samantha Teehan from Florida
  8. Pat Beltz from Pennsylvania
  9. Jessica Poppa from Missouri

Instructor Trainers / Educators:

  1. Tom Nickels from Washington, DC
  2. Trey Rouss from Michigan
  3. Jennifer Wells from New York
  4. Bob Myron from Maine
  5. Todd Johnstone-Wright from Vermont

Paddle America Clubs (PAC):

  1. Philadelphia Canoe Club (PA)
  2. Missouri Whitewater Association (MO)
  3. Yonkers Paddling and Rowing Club (NY)
  4. Wilmington Trail Club (DE)
  5. Canoe Club of Greater Harrisburg (PA)

Congratulations to everyone who has participated in the contest so far – we are so excited to see more course reports, photos, and stories from your summer instructional season! For more information about the contest structure, timelines, and prizes, please click here.