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National Canoe Slalom Award

National Canoe Slalom Award Presented By Team Colorado

Previous Recipients:

2018 – Sage Donnelly

Sage spends the entirety of the year training in both the K1 and C1 disciplines of Slalom in order to get faster and maximize her performance at each domestic and international event she competes in. Sage perseveres through this training and racing schedule while managing diabetes, celiac, and thyroid disease, a feat that requires significant mental and physical strength and perseverance.

Along with her devotion to training, Sage constantly displays an extremely positive attitude in the sport and is constantly finding the optimistic views of things.  Even when things go for the worse she manages to find the right path to persevere bringing those around her up with her.

Along with this positive attitude, Sage’s extraordinary personable character helps to inspire and drive everyone she meets and trains with while helping to shed a positive light on the ACA and the overall slalom program. An example of Sage’s extremely personable attitude was displayed this past spring while she was in Charlotte, NC training. Sage volunteered her training time during multiple Citizen Slalom sessions to help coach young kids just entering the sport of canoe slalom.

In addition, Sage climbs 5.10, skis double diamonds, competes in Whitewater FreeStyle, extreme races, and stand up paddleboards.

In conclusion, Sage earned this award because of her absolute devotion to the sport, her positive attitude, and her extremely personable character.

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