Gallatin Whitewater Festival - ACA

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06.29.24 – 06.29.24

Gallatin Whitewater Festival

Bozeman, MT, USA

Down River Race (30 second start interval): Start and Finish Times Recorded by race officials the fastest time from the Thumper Put-in to the Raft Takeout at Storm Castle wins. Boatercross: Mass Start from Lava Lake cobble beach, competitors will start in their kayaks ready to paddle. The first paddler from each class to cross the finish line at the bottom of the Boulder Garden at House Rock wins.

Competitors will then paddle as a group down to the take out at Storm Castle. Slalom Race (2 minute Start interval): Races will start in the eddy above 35 MPH Bridge and will navigate through gates in order and in the proper direction (Green indicates the paddlers must pass from upstream to downstream/ Red indicates the paddler must pass from downstream to upstream through the gate). Paddlers will receive penalties on their time for missing a gate (50 Seconds) and for touching a gate (2 Seconds). The finish line for the Slalom will be the upstream gate above Old Bridge Rapid. Competitors will then take out and walk the Gallatin River Trail ~1/8 mile back to the Gallatin River Trail Head

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