Level 3: River Kayak Hand Paddling Clinic Skills Course - ACA

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07.30.22 – 07.30.22

Level 3: River Kayak Hand Paddling Clinic Skills Course

Fall City, WA, USA

The River Kayak Hand Paddling Clinic is a one-day jump start into the world of hand paddling. Do you stuff hand-paddles in the stern of your kayak in case of emergency but have never actually used them? This clinic is for you. We want you to feel confident using your back-up tool in that emergency situation.

Taught by our ACA certified instructors, this course will teach you hand paddling strokes and rescues to be safe and efficient while on the water, then we will paddle down-river to practice catching eddies, ferries, and finding routes through rapids. This is not an introduction to kayaking course; class II paddling experience required, roll experience preferred.

Topics covered:
• Hand paddle design and fit
• Hand paddling strokes and maneuvers
• Strokes and maneuvers refinement
• Personal and partner rescue techniques
• Wet exits

Bring your own kayak and hand paddles for $179 . Wet suit or dry suit and other personal accessories are required. Let us know if you need help sourcing hand paddles. Contact kyle@ballardkayak.com to register.

Contact Information Kyle Thomas