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08.26.23 – 08.26.23

Level 3: River Kayak Hand-Paddling Skills Course

Snoqualmie Falls, Snoqualmie, WA, USA

Are you familiar with or excited about river kayak hand paddling? Hand paddles are an alternative way of powering, maneuvering, and rolling your kayak through the water. Some people prefer using hand paddles to a typical shaft paddle. Hand paddles can be made from durable materials such as plastic or wood and often feature webbing or bungee cord to help them stay on your hands. Kyle will be hosting a FREE river kayak hand paddling skills course on the Powerhouse section of the Snoqualmie River, a class 2-2+ section of whitewater. Attendees of this course must have recent and prior experience with paddling in class 2-2+. No experience with hand paddling is necessary.

Kyle has 5 sets of hand paddles that he can lend out during this course. If you’ve got your own pair, you’re certainly welcome to bring it or borrow a pair from a friend. The sets Kyle has are plastic with webbing that goes over your hands to help them stay on. He would appreciate some accountability so if you borrow a pair of his hand paddles and by some chance lose or significantly damage them, he’d appreciate being reimbursed so he can replace them.

With PNW water being quite cold year round, Kyle encourages you to bring a set of neoprene gloves as you get comfortable keeping your hands in the water. As you adapt to the water temperature, some of you may be comfortable hand paddling without gloves. As with any new introduction to whitewater paddling, please dress appropriately for the possibility of immersion.

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