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05.03.24 – 05.05.24

Paddle into the Wild

Leavenworth, WA, USA

A packraft event for 4 groups of 4-5 paddlers, paddling the White River, Nason Creek, Chiwawa River, Wenatchee River, Icicle River and/or Little Wenatchee River over the course of three days.

The focus of the event is to inspire more paddlers to connect to the backcountry in a way that promotes adventure, as well as stewardship to preserve these special places. Throughout three days paddling routes use approximately 80 miles of river and driving routes between the start (put-ins) and the finish (take-outs) use about 80 miles of roads. The three days of paddling will occur on dates mentioned above.

A handful of staff and volunteers will produce the event, including: checking in and orienting the paddling groups; tracking paddlers during the float; manage river traffic and parking at put-ins and take-outs; provide first aid; answer questions from paddlers, land managers, medical first responders, law enforcement, and the general public; and general management and oversight of the event.

The event will be limited to 4 paddling groups. Before the event, each group will be provided a detailed instruction book that includes: river and logistical details of the event, including schedules, maps, and driving directions; rules–including for sharing the river, leave-no-trace policy, and not interfering with invertebrates (especially salmon), non-invertebrates or plants–and penalties for rules infringements; safety and emergency information; and lists of required and recommended equipment and supplies.

Each group will also be given a personal locating beacon (SPOT tracker, or similar) that must be carried by a paddling group lead for that paddling team, so that organizers have a way to track the location and progress of each participant while they are on the river.

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