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07.23.22 – 07.23.22

Saturday Night Hometown Throwdown #3

Salida, CO, USA

Saturday Night Hometown Throw Down #3 in Salida, Colorado July 23, 2022 @ 5 pm at the boat ramp in Salida. This will be a jam session style format competition This is the third event of a three-part competition series in Salida, Colorado. This is competition series is intended to be a free*, fun, inclusive, local competition series open to all paddlers with a whitewater roll. The first heat starts @ 5 pm and all participants are encouraged to arrive between 4-4:30 pm. To create an inclusive competition environment every paddler will be divided into one of the following divisions based on the tricks each athlete thinks think they will score. Find Abby Holcombe at the event if you need help with placement or if you have any questions. 200 point category 500 point category 1000 point category 2000 point category There will be alternate scoring for the 200-point and 500-point categories including but not limited to paddle twirls, tricks in the eddy, ferrying across the current, surfing, enders, and rolls! Athletes competing in the 1000-point and 2000-point categories will have standard ICF scoring. Competitors are encouraged to bring their favorite local dessert as part of a potluck among the competitors after the event. *Free entry for all ACA members.

Contact Information Abby Holcombe