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06.20.24 – 06.23.24

Sleeping Bear Sampler R&R Solstice Weekend…Rescues and Rolling

Frankfort, MI, USA

Although this program runs on the same schedule as our other boot camp weekends, this one is focused on Rescues and Recoveries…whether it be group or self rescues including rolling. That doesn’t mean we won’t get out and do some paddling, but it does mean that rescue scenarios and rolling for real may be part of it. So, if you have been through a few strokes clinics and have some rescue skills already under your belt, this is a way to broaden that skill set and test them in a supportive setting where you’ve got plenty of safety nets in place….the group. Whatever kayak you use, you’ll learn to expand your capabilities with it.

Kayaking is one way to interact with water. There are a lot of different disciplines…whitewater, simple small lake and river recreational kayaking, sea kayaking, surf kayaking, Olympic slalom, Greenland style traditional; hard to know what direction to go you have a better idea of what kind of kayaking you develop an interest in. You yourself probably won’t know until you get some time on the water. It’s a life sport that can evolve as you do. We urge you not to invest too much in any sort of kayaking gear until you get some instructional time and you have a better sense of what style of paddling and venue you have available to you. You’ll make better purchase decisions. In addition to the beautiful scenery, this program will introduce all styles and the commonalities between them, but we do use primarily touring/sea kayaks in our programs.

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