Taylor Downriver Race - ACA

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06.21.24 – 06.21.24

Taylor Downriver Race

Almont, CO, USA

The mission of the Taylor River Race is to create a quality race that will:

  • Provide a moderately difficult kayak and raft race while engaging local and regional communities
  • Highlight the recreational opportunities available on the Taylor River Canyon
  • Gain positive notoriety for the Gunnison River Festival
  • Boost Gunnison River Festival competitor numbers
  • Foster environmental awareness and responsibility of the Taylor River Canyon

Kayak and Raft Races will stage from The Slot put-in with the Raft and Kayaks having separate start times – 10 minutes apart. At the Take-out, participants will be shuttled by vehicle down the canyon road. Participants are responsible for shuttling of their own vehicles. Shuttles will be encouraged to be completed prior to Start times.

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Contact Information Cheryl Cwelich