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03.04.23 – 03.05.23

Wilderness First Aid for Paddlers

63068, New Haven, MO 63068, USA

Wilderness First Aid for Paddlers Course, co-sponsored by the Sierra Club, Sat-Sun, March 4-5, 2023. This two-day course immerses participants in basic wilderness medicine procedures, preparing individuals to take immediate action when an outdoor activity doesn’t go as planned and 911 responders are hours away. Time is split between interactive classroom sessions and hands-on field scenarios to prepare participants and help them quickly develop basic backcountry medical care skills. The course focus is on patient assessment, stabilization and emergency treatment of issues such as hypothermia and snakebites, as well as understanding when and how to attempt evacuation. This course includes additional focus for paddlesports, including wound cleaning and closure, as well as the reduction of simple shoulder dislocations. Participants will emerge capable of calmly responding to a wide variety of emergency situations. All participants will need to be dressed in clothing that can be stained and/or damaged, as the program is heavily hands on, and moulage will be used to promote training authenticity. Participants will need to be prepared to be outside up to half of the training hours, regardless of weather conditions, unless hazardous (storms or extreme heat or cold). Participants should bring whatever items they commonly carry on their persons in the performance of their duties, as improvisational concepts are an important aspect of this course, and participants should also be equipped with a headlamp for the evening exercise if one is desired by the course host. All mandatory program supplies and course field guide are provided by Ozark Safety and Rescue Educators (OSRE) as part of the program cost. Successful completion of the entire program will result in a three year nationally recognized Wilderness First Aid Certification through Sierra Rescue International. Taught by Tom Burroughs Approx 8am-5:30pm both days. Cost: $175

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