House Passes Great American Outdoors Act! - ACA

Jul 22, 2020

House Passes Great American Outdoors Act!


This message comes directly from our friends and partners at Outdoor Alliance (OA):

“We are thrilled to share that the House just passed the Great American Outdoors Act by 310 to 107. Outdoor Alliance and the outdoor community made this victory possible.

The Great American Outdoors Act will provide billions in funding for public lands and waters, trails, green spaces, and parks. As you may remember, the Senate passed the bill back in June, after massive outreach from the outdoor community, and now it goes to the President’s desk for his signature, where it will become law.

This victory is the culmulation of years of work from the outdoor community, the conservation community, and hundreds of other partners. Last year, we secured permanent re-authorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) through the public lands package, and now we have secured dedicated funding for the program, along with $1.9 billion a year for public lands maintenance and restoration. This package, and the public lands package from last spring, are evidence that the outdoor community can get things done, even in a challenging political environment.

One key piece of the Great American Outdoors Act is that it will help fund more equitable access to the outdoors. LWCF is a key mechanism for cities, counties, and states to fund the creation of new parks, trails, green spaces, baseball fields, and more. As we work to ensure that everyone has access to the outdoors, this funding will help create green spaces where they are most needed.”

Use this quick action link to thank your lawmakers for passing the Great American Outdoors Act!