Insurance Clarification - ACA

Feb 23, 2023

Insurance Clarification

Insurance Update Header 2023

Dear Paddling Community, 

We are concerned about the misinformation circulating regarding ACA’s insurance offerings. We want to be very clear that:

  • Races, events, and instructional courses held on Class IV whitewater are still covered by our current policy
  • We do offer insurance coverage for open water coastal events including our Level 5: Advanced Open Water Coastal Kayaking instructional venues

In the hope that we can continue to offer liability insurance for Class V whitewater in the future, we are collecting information from Class V event organizers to better understand the thoughtful conditions in which these events are held. We are grateful for the paddling community’s support of these events and appreciate your willingness to join us in seeking creative solutions.

Insurance is one of our greatest priorities and expenses as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We work hard to provide first-rate instructional opportunities, affordable event coverage, and public policy support to serve the interests of paddlers. The ACA exists to support you, our fellow paddlers, and each day we try our best to do this work with care, enthusiasm, and transparency. 

Please direct any comments, questions, or concerns to


Beth Spilman, ACA Executive Director