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Aug 8, 2023

Marketing ACA Courses

Marketing Courses

By SEIC & Regional Activity Council (RAC) Liaison, John MacDonald

Hey, ACA Instructors and Trainers! If you are looking for leads on how to grow engagement and participation in your courses, the ACA provides many opportunities to share and promote your instructional offerings. Here are some great examples:

  • Posting a course to the ACA Instructional Calendar. This is done through the Course Management System CMS through the course registration page  It takes less than a minute and adds the course to the ACA Course Calendar on the ACA website which can be filtered by country, state, and discipline/course type.
  • Connecting with the State Director and Regional Representative in your area, including International Representatives. The Regional Activity Council (RAC) provides a voice for ACA members through their Regional Chairs, State Directors, State Councils, and Paddle America Club members.
    1. Is your course full? That’s ok, it’s still a great idea to make this outreach and connection so the Director and/or Regional Representative is aware of your interest and availability in teaching in their state and can connect and collaborate on future courses.
    2. If you are teaching internationally, connecting with the International Representative can help maximize your travel with additional participation or teaching opportunities. This also helps identify those who are willing to offer courses internationally.
    3. Connect with local Paddle American Clubs in the areas you teach for a great collaborative relationship.
  • Request your courses be shared on ACA state social media pages. Almost all states have a Facebook page that is managed by the State Director. This is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your course and increase attention and sharing via social media.
  • Share with your state boating contacts so they are aware, can support, and build relationships and connections with you as an ACA instructor and source of quality paddling safety instruction.

Maximizing your outreach within the ACA provides short term support for your upcoming schedule of courses, but it also provides much longer-lasting benefits in making connections with state and regional leaders who are looking to support and promote ACA paddlesports education, events, and programs. Let’s build this network together!


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