Membership Dues Changes Coming 2021 - ACA

Dec 1, 2020

Membership Dues Changes Coming 2021

Dear Valued Members,

In 2020, the ACA Board of Directors, staff members, and key volunteers worked hard to increase our interaction with and engagement of our members.

Starting with the member survey which was released at the beginning of 2020, through supporting the establishment of several ad hoc working groups throughout the year (including the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion working group), along with the wildly successful virtual conference in October, we have loved hearing from YOU about what YOU want from the ACA.

And, it’s clear you want more. More support for clubs…more instructor resources…more access to instructor development and certification workshops…more efficient processes and more responsive customer service…a more user-friendly and current website… more races… more events…more diversity…more coaches and events for our athletes…more communication.

Answering this call, however, will require more resources. This necessitates an increase in membership dues.

The Board, staff, and I have deliberated very thoughtfully about these changes. Please see the list of revised membership dues amounts below, which will be implemented on December 30, 2020:

  • Individual Membership: $40
  • Competition Individual Membership: $40
  • Bronze Paddle Membership: $150
  • Silver Paddle Membership: $250
  • Gold Paddle Membership: $500
  • Green Paddle Membership: $1,000
  • SEIC Instructor Dues: $30 (For a total of $40 + $30 = $70)
  • SEIC Instructor Trainer/Educator Dues: $110 (For a total of $40 + $110 = $150)
  • Elite Competition License: $80 (For a total of $40 + $80 = $120)
  • Proschools: $650
  • Paddle America Clubs with fewer than 75 members: $125
  • Paddle America Clubs with more than 75 members: $175 (Effective 12/1/2021)
  • Affiliates: $125
  • Outfitter, Livery, and Guides: $125

As the Board, staff, and I develop and implement plans for member-requested initiatives, we will keep you informed of our progress, so that we are transparent about where additional funds are being used.

We thank you for your support and look forward to serving you in a healthy, happy 2021.


Beth Spilman
Executive Director