New ACA Raft Guide Certification Program Launched - ACA

May 10, 2023

New ACA Raft Guide Certification Program Launched


On behalf of the Rafting Committee and the ACA SEIC Board, we are so exited to announce the launch of the new ACA Raft Guide Certification program! This program is designed to provide evidence of the needed skills to be a professional raft guide, and it is based on national and international industry standards. The Guide Certification Criteria establishes standards in the topics of paddling and/or rowing, identifying hazards and routes in swift current, and an ability to safely captain a whitewater oar or paddle raft with participants. Hey ACA Level 4 or 5 Raft Instructors – there is an endorsement available!

The ACA guide certification complements any additional required training and or licensing. ACA certified guides must also comply with local, state, or federal certification and licensing requirements for raft guides within their given country, state, river, or waterway.

Learn more on our curriculum page!