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Apr 2, 2024

RAC Annual Instructor Contest

Instructor Contest Cover

The Regional Activity Council is excited to kick off its annual Instructor Contest! You can participate by targeting your efforts where they are most needed: beginning level paddling courses. Over the last few years, many instructors have enjoyed some friendly competition while contributing to the overall safety, fun, and growth of the paddling community.  You can  help your region earn bragging rights while doing what you do best: teach people how to be participants in their own safety while enjoying everything the water has to offer.

Help make our community stronger and safer by continuing to do what you do… and make sure you report your courses in CMS to stay competitive.  

The Details:

  • Every Level 1 or 2 course taught between December 1, 2023 – September 15, 2024, is eligible as a contest entry.
  • Each course submitted to the ACA Course Management System (CMS) counts as an entry.  They must be entered by by 11:59pm EST on September 30, 2024.
  • Contest Categories:
  • Instructor
  • Instructor Trainer / Educator
  • Paddle America Club (PAC)

The Prizes:

Grand Prizes:

  • $500 for the Instructor with the most entries
  • $500 for the IT/ITE with most entries
  • $500 for the PAC with most entries

Honorable ConTENders:

  • Honorable ConTENders are the top ten instructors after the Grand Prize Winner
  • SuPrizes from respected paddling organizations and outfitters will be selected by the Honorable ConTENders” in the order they are ranked.

Random Drawings:

  • 5 drawings for $100 each
  • Free year of ACA membership + SEIC Dues
  • Free year of PAC annual membership
  • Special Feature on ACA Website & Monthly Newsletter
  • Special Feature in ACA Paddle eMagazine

How to Compete:

The following course submissions will earn contest entries (chances to win). Any entry that is earned from a PAC sanctioned course will be attributed to the individual instructor as well as the PAC. The ACA will post informal leaderboard reports in July and August on the ACA website. These informal leaderboard reports will be based on the number of students reported via the CMS.

One Contest Entry:

  • Teach a Level 1 Skills Course Student
  • Teach a Level 2 Skills Course Student
  • Teach a PSF Course Student
  • Teach a Level 1 Skills Assessment Student
  • Teach a Level 2 Skills Assessment Student
  • Teach a PSF Instructor Endorsement Candidate, Level 1 or 2 Instructor Certification, Update or Upgrade Candidate (For ITs/ITEs)

Two Contest Entries:

  • You enroll as a PSF Endorsement Candidate
  • You enroll as a Level 1 Instructor Certification Course Candidate
  • You enroll as a Level 2 Instructor Certification Course Candidate
  • You enroll as a Level 1 Instructor Update Course Candidate
  • You enroll as a Level 2 Instructor Update Course Candidate
  • You enroll as a Level 1 Instructor Upgrade Candidate
  • You enroll as a Level 2 Instructor Upgrade Candidate


Q: How do I access the CMS?

A: Go to the ACA website, look under “Education,” and select “Course Management System.” From that page you can login.CMS uses your existing ACA membership username and password. You can also bookmark this link.


Q: The CMS says I am an INACTIVE instructor but my dues and certification are up to date. How do I fix this?

A: The most common issue is that current CPR and first aid credentials have not been uploaded in the system. To fix this issue:

  • Log in to CMS
  •  At the bottom of the dashboard page, click the link to upload documents. 
  • When uploading first aid and CPR credentials, use either a WORD or PDF file, not a JPG photo file.


Q: How do I report a course?


  • Log in to CMS 
  • On the Dashboard page, click the tab on the left called “Course Creation and Management.” 
  • Select “Course Registration/EZ Reporting.” 
  • Enter the relevant course information required, including course level, type, date, water venue, city, state, and postal code. 
  • When asked the question, “Is this a non-insured EZ skills course?” click “Yes,” and then enter the number of participants. 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen, add your signature, and then click “Submit.”


Q: If I assisted another instructor with a course, do we get both get credit for teaching?

A: Due to system constraints, only the reporting (lead) instructor will get credit for an entry.  Please do not report the same course multiple times.