Jesse Lishchuk - ACA



Jesse Lishchuk

Hometown Philadelphia, PA
Events Sprint canoe, Marathon
Years On Team 13 (since 2011)
Club Keystone Paddlers
Born 04/08/1995
Schools/Work Temple University '17 , Medical Startup - NurseNowStaffing
Hobbies National Basketball Association and technology

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

2 Things You Didn't Know About Jesse

  1. He is very spiritual and is into chakras/energy centers, quantum realm realities, the power of intention.
  1. Jesse was an NCAA Division 1 rower for Temple University.


  • World Championships

    2013 Junior & U23 World Championship: Junior K-1 1000m, 7th in semifinal; Junior K-1 200m, 9th in semifinal

    2015 Junior & U23 World Championship: U23 K-2 1000m, 9th in semifinal

    2017 Junior & U23 World Championship: U23 K-4 500m, 8th in semifinal

    2018 Junior & U23 World Championship: U23 K-4 500m, 8th in semifinal

    2019 World Championship: K-1 500m, 7th in Final C; K-1 1000m, 5th in heat
  • World Cups

    2014 Hungary World Cup: K-1 500m, 9th in semifinal; K-1 1000m, 9th in semifinal

    2017 Hungary World Cup: K-1 500m, 8th in heat; K-1 1000m, 7th in heat

    2017 Serbia World Cup: K-2 500m, 8th in heat; K-1 1000m, 7th in heat
  • Other

    Pan American Championships: Marathon Silver Medalist
  • U.S. Team Trials

    2017: K1 1000m, 1st place
  • U.S. National Championships

    10x U.S. National Champion 

More About Jesse Lishchuk

When not training I fanatically enjoy watching basketball, acai bowls, and free coffee-shop wifi. Outside of leisure, I work at a Medical Startup that opportunely occupies and keeps my mind off athletics. With Eastern European roots, my family hailing from Ukraine, I grew up a kid of first-generation immigrants in a culturally hardworking environment.

With kayaking, I found my muse outdoors. At the age of 16, two years into an organic training volume increase, I qualified for the U.S.A. Sprint Development Team. That following summer I flew out to Poland for the Olympic Hopes Regatta. Captivated by the opportunity I competed in my first World Championship shortly after junior year in High School. I look back nostalgically, now in my late 20’s, to see multiple National titles and World Championship events (Sprint & Marathon), single’s and team-boat training, and a dauntingly rewarding metaphorical rollercoaster of American amateur athletics.

In the late summer of 2018, I moved from my Northeastern hometown outside Philadelphia to sunny Southern California, to pursue my Olympic vision with San Diego Canoe Kayak Team. A gap year with the emergence of the pandemic was bridged with training at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games venue. In the mountains of North Georgia (Lake Lanier Canoe Kayak) I had trained with a few of the strongest American Sprint Kayak athletes in the country. Bolstered by talent, stubborn work ethic, and the support of mentors and family, I provisionally qualified for the Tokyo Olympic Games at the 2021 U.S.A. Olympic Team Trials.