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Tren Long

Hometown Horseshoe Bend, Idaho
Events Slalom , Kayak Cross
Years On Team 7 (since 2017)
Club Long Family Racing Team
Born 02/01/1982
Schools/Work Owns and operates Casade Raft Company in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho
Hobbies Brazilian jujitsu , MMA and paddling with his three children

“My behavior dictates my outcome.”

6 Things You Didn't Know about Tren Long

  1. Tren is undefeated in cage fighting.
  2. Tren runs Zet Kayaks USA, a Czech whitewater kayak company.
  3. He has been to 6 out of the 7 continents and has paddled in all of those 6 except Africa.
  1. Paddling is a family affair for the Long's. His kids are 3rd generation paddlers.
  2. Tren began paddling when he was 7-years-old on flatwater.
  3. Extreme slalom is a combination of his two favorite sports: kayaking and hand-to-hand martial arts combat.
  • World Championships

    2019 Prague World Championships: Extreme Slalom, 12th place

    2018 Rio World Championships: Extreme Slalom, 13th place
  • World Cups

    2016 Prague World Cup: Extreme Slalom, 2nd place

    2017 Ivrea World Cup: Extreme Slalom, 3rd place

    2019 Markkleeberg World Cup: Extreme slalom, 3rd place

    2020 Tacen World Cup: Extreme Slalom, 3rd place