USA SUP National Team Petition Form - ACA

USA SUP National Team Petition Form

Thanks for applying to be identified as a potential candidate of the USA SUP National Team. The SUP Competition committee understands that there are situations that prevent an athlete from attending and competing in the National Selection Event. We have created a petition process for athletes if they cannot attend the National Selection Event. There is no guarantee, nor refund of application fee, that selection will be successful. The decision will be at the discretion of the SUP Competition Committee when considering the submitted petition.

For 2024, this petition form must be completed by August 1st, 2024 with an application fee of $25 to the ACA SUP Competition Committee. Please visit this link to pay: ACA SUP National Team E-Store

The information you submit on this form will be shared with the ACA SUP Competition Committee members.

USA SUP National Team Petition


Please use format MM/DD/YYYY
Are you an ACA Member?(Required)
ACA Competition Membership is required to compete as a member of the USA SUP National Team
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Do you qualify for representing the USA per the ICF Rulebook?(Required)
Please refer to the ICF Rule book here if you are unsure:
Have you completed your Safesport training?(Required)
Safesport training will be required for any competing athlete over the age of 18